As babel ‘hackers, we are convinced that the on-going digital revolution brings a bunch of new opportunities when it comes to improving the teaching of foreign languages.

Our core beliefs:

Every learner is unique in her learning style, potential and motivation.
. It is always more engaging to feel like having a lot of fun than having a lot of work!
. Technology is not an end but a means, as such it should serve pedagogy.

babel 'hack is positioned at the exact intersection of two strong currents: EdTech (digital Technologies applied to Education) and gamification (engaging game techniques applied to non-game industries), with a unique goal to improve every single learner ability to reach fluency in a foreign language.

Our team

“ When appropriately combined with proven teaching methodologies, the most recent digital technologies allow to deliver unprecedented solutions to boost every individual’s learning performance.”


babel ˈhack project

“ Learning a foreign language requires a constant effort over a long period of time. Gamification and fun provide an effective solution to the problem of motivation and learning fatigue.”


babel ˈhack project

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